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                                                     Municipality of Maayon Capiz


        The Municipality of Maayon is one of the sixteen Municipalities constituting the province of Capiz. It lies on the Northern portion of the province, It about 30 kilometers southeast form Roxas City. Maayon has an area of 14, 136 hectares; it has green hills and verdant forest. Hidden under the booms of its fertile lands are rich minerals, such as; copper, manganese, guano and limestone.

        Maayon, first became a town during the early American era. However, during the Cadastral Survey, it was reverted to a barrio status under the Municipality of Pontevedra. For nearly half a century, the residents fought hard and long for its restoration to a separate and district entity and now, here is the new municipality of maayon. As you see the beautiful municipal hall of Maayon.

        The City, classified as a second class component city, belong to the first political district of the Province of Capiz along with the Municipality of Maayon, Panay, Panit-an, Pontevendra, and Pres. Roxas. It has forty – seven (47) barangays of which eighteen (18) are uban and twenty – nine (29) are rural.

        The Province of Capiz occupies a land area of 2,633 square kilometers, representing 21% of the total land area of Panay. It is composed of 16 municipalities and a city with a total of 472 barangays. The province is composed of 16 municipalities comprising 473 barangays. It is divided into two political districts: 1st District covers the municipalities of Maayon, Panay, Panitan, Pilar, Pontevedra, Pres. Roxas, and Roxas City; while the 2nd District covers the municipalities of Cuartero, Dao, Dumalag, Dumarao, Ivisan, Jamindan, Sapi-an, Mambusao, Sigma, and Tapaz. Hiligaynon is the dominant dialect spoken in the province. The even distribution of rainfall throughout the year and the infrequent occurrence of typhoons make the province highly suitable for agriculture, aquaculture, and other related activities – which explains why these are major industries of the province.

                 While visiting Maayon, some foreigners came upon a group of man and women harvesting rice. They inquired form the natives as the native of the place they though (Natives) the foreigners were talking about there harvest so that one of them answered ” Maayon” meaning that the harvest was good a bountiful. Mayon was the came carried down, up to the present. The Maayonanons are product of a blending of blood infiltrations form the pygmies, Indonesians, Malays and Spanish races.

        Maayonanons were unhappy during the Spanish rule because they were among abuses against them, so later on the revolted against Spaniards. There was a change in the life of the people of Maayon under the American regime. The began to settle, to cultivate the fields and the livestock introduced by the American people.

        The Japanese era was a bad memory, School were closed, transportation were cut off, and the people were forced the heavy labor by Japanese Guerilla units were set up the people were always looking forward to the time they w0ould be free again, upon the return of the US forces. Maayon returned to normalcy there was construction of more school. People strengthen their civic consciousness and obtain a deeper sense of social responsibility.

        Today an account of the highly literacy rate and sustained skills, training program offered by the non-formal education, Maayon has produced many skills workers Saudi Arabia, USA, Paris, Germany, and Canada. One of the many tourists attractive in Capiz maybe found in Tapulang, Maayon called the Igang Cave a limestone cave found in Tapulang, Maayon. It has several entrances at different levels which leads to a central chamber, and fan out again to different passages. Big stair like structures connect upper portions to the central chamber which is well lighted and well ventilated. The cave consists of many chamber each at as level of different from those of other chamber.

        Igang cave sloping passage, 7 feet wide and a foot high takes one to lower chamber, which unlike the upper and central chambers, is dark. The floor here is covered with guano, which towns-people use as fertilizer. In certain section one has to crawl because the space between the roof and the floor sis just two to three feet. There are also sections looking like dead-ends, expert for small holes through which only one persons can crawl, Wild birds, deer and wild duck abound in the place. Igang cave is laced with stalactites and stalagmites of various sizes. The whole cave, including its chamber and tunnel system, is some three hectares. It is 7 kms away from the town proper and is a 15 minutes ride by car or jeepney.

          Cave Spelunking or simply cave exploration in just one of the many caves that can be found in Capiz is a delight to explorers and spelunkers. Getting into these nature-built dungeons, seeing the wonders that were hidden for centuries, creates a grand feeling of fulfillment as one views the grandeur of the chambers as big as the present caves. Flaked tools and fossilized bones of Stone Age Man were recovered in some archeological caves. live stone cave situated in a mountain which is well lightened and ventilated and covers about three hectares. It has stalagmites and stalactites and abundant guano, which is used for organic fertilizer.  Maayon it was come a bountiful harvest; it means that the harvest was good because of the people that lives in Maayon are hospitable and generous.


I’m a student of Filamer Christian College, Roxas City Capiz. I’m recently taking up Bachelor of Science In Computer Science under department of College of Computer Studies. You can call me “joy” for short. 19 y/o, living in Brgy. Sinabsaban, Cuartero, Capiz. ” Love is a greatest feeling ever a creature can fell”.

 Filamer is one of the existing school in Roxas City, Capiz. Offer different courses that a student can choose what they want to be.

    As a student of Filamer Christian College is a big deal on my part. It’s because  I am not expecting that I will given a chance to enrolled in a private school (Filamer Christian College) and to be part of it, considering myself as a Filamerian student.

     Everyday lot of people I’ve meet, different faces and status in life. in Filamer I’ve meet new friends, classmates and teachers, they are all good as long as you know how to deal with them. Adjustment is the best solution or means is needed.

    In college, lot of challenges we’ve encountered before we reach our highest goal to our studies. Burning midnight candle is one of our sacrifices. All we need to do is to be patient, this is the only test and part of challenges being a student. In studying  try to focus, concentrate and think that everything is possible if we try for it. Think that everything is a challenge, a challenge which one of the key for our success.